Barclays' recent workshop visit - worked with enterprise workshop to produce a piece for the Black History Month Exhibition now showing in the Montefiore Centre Reception-

If you are interested in a corporate workshop please get in touch. 020 7375 3933.

Poetry In Wood Spring Show 2015.  

Wed 1 Apr 15 - Thu 30 Apr 15

Brady Arts and Community Centre

192 - 186 Hanbury Street, London E1 5HU

Tel: 020 7364 7900  

The Learning disabilities project Poetry in Wood were involved in the 2014 Lord Mayors Parade when around 35 artists, both students and workers, came together to create a float for this high profile annual event. This is a joyous, colourful and energetic selection of works using painted plywood which mirrors the natural world in thematic terms with subjects that range from birds and animals to insects and plants. Preparatory drawings and paintings are also on display. This exhibition is a celebration of all the hard work, talent and dedication that went into the float’s creation.                                                         

Poetry In wood were one of three charities chosen to take part in the 2014 Lord Mayor's Show.

We designed and built a float with everyone at Poetry In Wood making things for it. It was called "Helping Hand" and was created to show the work we do in our Training and Enterprise teams.

(see more) on our video page.  

Poetry In Wood at The Lord Mayors Show 2014.  



@poetryinwood We're at Whitecross Market selling your lovely wares ! #ApprenticeChallenge

Many Many thanks for your continued support .


Poetry in wood animal keyrings, napkin rings and magnets are available to buy in their shop


A new piece of work from the Enterprise workshop has been put up at Mudchute Farm.

They are also stocking our magnets and Keyrings at the moment so go take a look.


Hey check it out... We've got a load of our hand crafts on display at the wonderful

Hornbeam Cafe, Walthamstow

They really are a lovely bunch over there and their food is excellent!

(displaying till December)


Come and see our new products at Spitalfields City Farm Shop

Poetry in Wood will be at the Bromley by Bow Centre's Christmas market on Sunday.

Come down and do a little early present buying.


Swede Trophy finished.

Thank you Robin for all your hard work on this piece.



Have a look at what we knocked up for the Canvas Cafe. They love a bit of yellow over there so we

thought daffodills and bumble bees would be rather welcome in their little "Happines Garden".



Carpentry is traditionally a male dominated occupation, but international women's week happens next month and we want to celebrate the achievments of all our female artists at Poetry In Wood. Women from our Social enterprise will be giving tours and hosting workshops all day on 8th and 9th March, so please come along and have a go at some woodwork  

Admission is free to all and refreshments will be provided during tea breaks and lunch time at 11am, 12.30pm and 2.30pm



- Mudchute Park & Farm, Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3HP -

Come to Mudchute Farm this weekend Poetry in Wood is hosting a stall at their agricultural festial.  29 June - 1 July.



Poetry in Woods Exhibition.



321 Whitechapel Road

London E1 1BU

Until Thursday 21 Sept.