Meet The Team.


Jackie Remfry - Poetry in Wood General Manager.

Product Design and Development Training

Craig Barbeary -  Senior Tutor

Michael Plummer - Workshop Technician and Creative support staff

Social Enterprise

Bryony Mattam -  Enterprise Manager

Hugo Fergusson - Workshop Technician and Creative support staff

Enterprise Workers

Left to Right. Hugo Fergusson, Michael Plummer, Jackie Remfry, Byrony Mattam, Craig Barbeary.

Debbie likes drawing flowers and cats. She likes a lot of pink. other bright colours are also popular with her.

Linda has been with Poetry In Wood for a long time. She likes painting the best but will do all jobs with a smile on her face.

Leanne is a talented artist and likes drawing best. She has her own pyrography tools because she likes to use her skills from Poetry In Wood at home.

Ali is our star burner. He has made Poetry In Wood lots of signs to promote our charity. He likes to show our corporate volunteers how to use our machines, but they are never as good as Ali.

Elaina has a fun cartoon style to her drawings. She likes a joke and is a fun lady to have in the workshop.

Robin is a talented. He has a distinctive drawing style which is very appealing. He likes Drawing Animals best.

Thomas is one of the founding members of Poetry In Wood's social enterprise. His precise drawings, mosaics and signage are remarkable.

Kofi has been part of Poetry In Wood's social enterprise for 3 years. He has a brilliant eye for putting coloures together and has a superbly quirky drawing style.

Cassie is quite new to the social enterprise. She likes lots of colours and isn't afraid to use them. She is good to have on your team when there is lots of sanding to be done.

Stephen is quite new to the social enterprise. He likes making anything related to Hong Kong. He draws cities and lamp posts very well. He's a very fast worker and a very helpful person.

Tracey is a very cheery worker, always looking out for other Poetry In Wood members. She has a fun drawing style and is always ready to lend a hand at anything.

Emran has an amazing and entirely unique drawing style. His animals are particularly great. Look out for his horse pencil toppers. Emran likes to help sell our products when we have market stalls.