The Poetry In Wood social enterprise supports 15 adults with learning diabilities in part-time employment. Some of our team of skilled and dedicated workers have been with us for over 20 years.

Below is a selection of the public and private commissions we have created over the years. If you are interested in commissioning something from our Social Enterprise please get in touch.

Waiting room mural Commissioned by Lovells

25th pro-bono anniversary mural Commissioned by Lovells

Website icons Commissioned by Memery Crystal

Commissioned by London Borough of Newhamow

Playground Mural Commissioned by HEBA

Other clients include:


Newham CLDS,

Tower Hamlets CLDS,

Clifford Chance,

Thomas Buxton School,

Spitalfields City Farm,

Spitalfields Small Business Association,

The Montefiore Centre,


Signage Commissioned by Hotel in the Park


Map Mural for Vibrance at Pheonix Blend Cafe

Signage for Ocean Childrens Centre

River Mural commissioned by Memery Chrystal

If you would like to discuss a commission from Poetry in Wood please contact us. We welcome visits to the workshop where you can meet the team, see our latest work and discuss a commission. If it is more convenient we can come to you or you can email your ideas to us, we will talk it over with the team and arrange some sketches, plans and prices for you.

If you would like your team’s involvement with your Poetry in Wood commission we can collaborate in a workshop either at Poetry in Wood or at your venue. In the past we have had workshops with schools, community groups and corporate groups to produce ideas and art work for large commissions. Please let us know if this is something that would interest you and we can tailor a workshop to your particular group.

Signage for SSBA, HEBA, Reflections, CLDS.


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NEW  - Commission a wooden portrait of yourself. Ideal for placing in your window, to keep an eye on the neighbours.